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Let’s try this not so late at night and not falling asleep. This past week has been loaded with progress.

First, it seems like I’m starting to get the hang of my cutting more. Sirloins need some work still but overall I’m much happier than I was with my cutting a week ago. No training hours now, now it’s work around and get trained as best and quick as possible. Boss is having me open on Fridays, as he now trusts me opening. Also being El macho #1 Tuesday and Thursday as I get to be the only cutter in the department. Nervous but I think I’ll handle it.

Progress #2. Lake House. So we’ve made head way. In 5 hours we’ve cleaned the living room and kitchen. Kitchen is now organized and debris is no more. We bought slip covers for the couch and chair, vinyl flooring for our room and paint for the walls. I’m turning gears in the brain as to how to get the outside better as well. Leaps and bounds where we were before, there is a slight set back but shouldn’t be too big of deal getting it fixed.

Mom and dad came down for the day yesterday after they stayed in Massanutten for a couple days. It was so nice to see them and spend time with them. They came down and took us some furniture and items we didn’t get before leaving, including the kayaks.

After showing them the lake house and our plans to spruce it up, we took them over the Holston River and then Burger Bar. We then walked around downtown. Mom was snapping away, I was proud! ^_^ Didn’t do much after. Wanted to take them to Carter Family Folds and the Holston River Dam but with them traveling all day we all decided against it.

Today, me and Brad met them at Shoneys for breakfast and seen them off back to the flatlands of the First State. Love you guys. Thanks for everything. ❤. Me and Brad took off after that and went over to Wytheville down over to Grayson Highlands State Park, and back to Bristol through White Top to Damascus. Which is an awesome hiking and biking town having the Virgina Creeper Trail running through it.

Oh we saw good friends Allan and Amber as they were in the Smokey Mountain amping. Photos to come. We

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