Well guess I should update you guys. Haven’t posted in a couple days as far this blogging goes.

Since my last post, or the post before rather, I was down and struggling. Well it’s like a 180. Almost. 150. I’d say. I cut sirloins again, along with Rib Eyes. While they aren’t perfect or where they should be, they are still sellable at least. Less boaty.

Boss gave me huge props yesterday morning. So much so he let me take over the department. Now I didn’t get out til over an hour later than I was suppose today, but I think I did good. Time flies back there, time management skills are a must and every minute counts. Always trying to find ways to cut down on my time but did 3 shoulders in roughly 30 minutes. Now they are suppose to be done in about 20 minutes, but big difference.

My cutting has slightly improved. It’s my shoulder position is where my issue is and wanting to be square and not naturally relaxed. I’m opening the department Friday by myself too. Confidence is good. Also learned to do T-bone Pork Ribs and Chuck Steaks.

Macadoos is becoming our favorite place to eat. It’s like Arena’s but their sandwiches are huge! We also went back to State Line for karaoke last Thursday. Was not as good, singing wise, as it was 2 Thursdays ago still was fun.

Sites I’ve seen are Rooster Front Park and Magna Vista Horse Farm. Both beautiful places. Magna Vista, I signed a waiver so I can come pretty much when I am able to, to photograph the land. Which is so picturesque. Side note: don’t get kicked by a horse.

May be able to see our good friends Allan and Amber Thursday for breakfast as they are in Serieville cabin camping this week. Best wishes to them! And I get to see my parents this Saturday too as they are coming down to bring the last of the furniture of ours.

On top of it, me and Jess are both off Thursday and Saturday together, so an exciting and challenging week ahead which in ready for.

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