“Every next level of your life will demand a different you.”

Isn’t that true. Demanding a different side of myself I’ve never experienced. It’s a good feeling. I feel I’m different and growing. Guess I’m figuring out this thing called life.

Went back at it on the chopping block on Wednesday. It was ok but still feel like I need more time. Why can’t there be some kit for $30 or $40 to buy and practice? Haha. I made new York strip and rib eyes. Never done new York strip though they are similar to a rib eye.

Discovered a new Photography spot. Magna Vista Horse Farm. They board horses there and the owners own lots of land there, well my mother-in-law boards her horse there and talking with the owners, I signed a liability form (so if I get kicked by a horse. My insurance covers it, and I can’t sue them. But who’d ,79 that? It’s so beautiful there. I enjoy the mountains in the background and the hills. Apparently there’s so much more to be seen there too. I was going to go back tonight and meet my mother-in-law but train station took longer than expected. No train during the time I was there then I leave and 3 trains in 30 minutes. Oh well.

Went to Steels Creek/Rooster Front Park today. Such gorgous views and the dogs enjoyed it as well. Gotta go back to capture more. Also with the train station, it caused me to miss going back to the farm.

Oh! Found a quality gas station, a Roadrunner in Johnson city, they sell craft beer in growlers, about 10 or 12 choices. Not use to that in Delaware.

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