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1248 Virginia Avenue

Did I mention I love the architecture in downtown Johnson City? So much for exploring this with Jessie this Thursday though as she now works but it’s training for this other spot at her job. It’s nice just sucks we had plans to venture out. Hopefully next week that can happen.

Have you ever been stressed about work at work? Ready to lose it but anxiety just kicks in and makes it worse? My day Saturday.

I’m afraid of failure but all my life I’ve settled for less when it comes to achievements. Thankfully I’ve had my parents who’ve kept me pushing in those times. Eagle Scout. College. The likes. Market is a new unknown, it causes some anxiety but it’s out of my comfort zone. I’m in a new town, new state, new store and new department. So of course I think I deserve to get freaked out a little. I’m afraid though I won’t catch on to cutting Meats. But again I’ve got a bigger learning curve that yes I’ve shrunk drastically in a short period of time but I’m holding my self to new levels, probably above expectations right now. So right now, I’m very hard on my self. I wish there was a how to cut meat for dummies hand book or virtual reality Sim. I want to practice on what I’ve learned so far with cutting but how? I have no clue other than cut when needed at work.

I feel like I want to give up, go back to Delaware and go back to Produce. But, that’s an easy way out, though it doesn’t hurt to keep my eyes peeled for other opertunities if this does get the best of me. Overwelmed. Afraid of failure, yes but also afraid of messing up what I learned. I guess it’ll come to me as I gain more time on the cutting block. Just hope I don’t become chopped.

Treading lightly and trying to remain calm. I just want to succeed for once. That’s all. No need for a cheerleading team either but advice wouldn’t be bad.

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