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State Line

Pal’s Sudden Service quote of the day said “Relax”

Well. In trying to. Work is going solid. I’ve got 3 compliments at work. Store manager is impressed with my dedication, Market manager told my store manager that he’s trained a lot of people and he’s hardly seen the speed I’m learning at. I mean think about it. I knew hardly anything about market. In 3 weeks time I’ve got the outside down, and can cut 5 different Meats. I learned chuck roasts, steaks, cube steaks, beef stew, rib eye steaks and today I learned how to process and trim sirloin steaks, and filet minions. I still get nervous and need to get better knife control. Though today wasn’t too bad. But as the boss says, “you can’t hurt it, it’s already dead.” But when I can mess a steak up and it not sell, that’s a mess up.

Still getting used to the speed limit changes. I don’t the 5 different changes going to work. 55 or 45? Make up your mind. There’s a speed trap in Blountville. I don’t like it. You don’t see it until you’re right on it.

Oh! Around here there is the center medians. Well it’s a lot of open Center which is nice when crossing over. Delaware has turn lanes but this is actually nice and helps ease traffic. I didn’t like it at first but now I can cross into it, go slow and merge into the lane once traffic is clear.

We still haven’t made progress with the lake house but good news is Jessie has gotten a spot with Agero with Volkswagen claims so she will be doing that. It’s 7 to 330pm, Saturdays off plus another fluctuating day off. So more time for her and the both of us, to get things more settled so we can move in to the lake house. We can stay there now but we need to check Internet options. DISH looks to be the only way to go right now. We’ll see. Assemble the beds. Get firewood for the wood stove. Slip covers for the couch and chair. That’s the plan to get to before moving in.

The weather has been nice, aside from my days off, aside from Sunday, which was 70 degrees in Knoxville. Days off are always gloomy clouds and cold when I want to go out and explore. Hate wasting the day away which I ended up doing today aside lunch with Jessie.

But me and Brad ended up catching the last bit of sunset at the dam then went and saw some crazy good karaoke at State Line. Wow! Isn’t no karaoke like that in Milford. I guarantee you that. When you have a dance floor full of folks dancing, including one awesome flat footer you know it’s a show! Packed house on a Thursday night. Awesome to see the local support! Looks like we’re seeing Annabelle’s Curse tomorrow in Johnson City.

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