Bay Mountain, Bays Mountain Road, Kingsport, TN, United States

Today was awesome! Well the first part leg anyway. We took a trip down to Bay’s Mountain. Jess suggested to go because of the nature and planetarium. There was a wolf sanctuary, reptile center and a couple owl and hawk houses. Pretty cool!

But the highlight came when Jess pointed the bridge and waterfall out. After we went on top of the dam. Which had awesome views as well.

The daredevil in me, saw a gap in the fence and climbed down to get some amazing views. More green or fall foliage would have been better, or even snow to add more color to the scene but still a great photo opp. Plenty of photos to edit and it felt good getting some quality photography in as I’ve been stagnant here the last couple months.

Also sent the wife into a panic attack with my daredevil acts. I got a little too close to the edge of the waterfall. I felt secure but she freaked out and was scared I was pushing the limits of slate rock. In reality I was but I live another day. Maybe invest in some good rope for rock climbing to secure me?

I’m off Sunday and hope the showers are not around all day, there’s photographing to do! Well and explore.

Went into Kingsport and there’s a chemical plant that’s like 2x as big as Playtex in Dover. Maybe 3x, it has housing, it’s own zip, police hospital and fire department as well. Along the lines of the Dover Air Force Base. Neat train on the tracks too, a beautiful red engine. We went to Hobby Lobby and at a place called McAllester’s Deli, it is like a Parana Bread but less expensive. Our mistake was going to the Kingsport Mall, and wow, you talk about a dud, people complain about the Dover Mall, and rightfully so but this is bad, it’s outdated, it’s big but dark and the parking lot looks more filled than inside did.. The best quality there is the elevator. You see through the other side. Not going back that’s for sure.

More photos will be posted somewhere online of the dam and waterfall at Bay Mountain.

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