So tonight we had some chicken and dumplings. Omg. They were amazing. It’s not the traduonal Delmarva Slippery Dumplings, this is the other version of them and 3 helpings later. Yum!

We just had a belly rolling laugh over the dogs. Lacy, Andy and Rascal had Memaw’s dentures. Lacy had them and Jessie yells at her, the dentures went flying across the floor. Almost like a old Loony Toon short.

Dentures were recovered. Blaze and Bonnie were on the couches chilling and out of trouble. Speaking of. Blaze has learned to play with Andy too. It’s so funny! Andy plays rough, the little chihuahua, but Blaze let’s him and they run around. It lasts until either Blaze gets tired or Andy finds something else. If you know our dog, you know that this is almost a miracle.

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