Necessary Oil Co

A Super Sunday.

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Went to the flea markets today. Man, there’s some hidden gems. There were places that had toys of when I was growing up, tools in another, some Chinese import dog supplies, and mixture of everything.

We first got breakfast at the diner/cafe at the bottom of the hill. A simple southern breakfast buffet. Eggs, bacon, sausage and biscuits & gravy. Our waitress was so sweet. Made us fresh eggs so we didn’t have to wait around and on top of everything.

Two other folks really stood out to me. The beard oil guy. Now this guy was cool. I enjoyed talking to him and would have if it wasn’t for another customer who wanted a straight razor. You damn wimp. You stay away from that and get yourself some beard oil. Then again straight shavers are cool.

Anyway. Back to the story. He talked about his product, was honest. He told me what could have been the reasons why my beard was irritating me. I sampled his product and it was the best I’ve had. It felt so good, healthy for your face. His prices were the best I’ve seen too. So picked up a couple of his supplies. He had a great white beard and a mustache to match. The hat he had was sharp too. I wanted to get his picture but we forgot to return. We’ll be back.

Our next person brings us to this music stall. He sold a couple collections of tapes and cds and then he has a nice selection of vinyl. I think he enjoyed seeing a young couple come in and enjoy digging through the collection like we did. We talked music, he showed us his new arrivals and told us he always makes a deal. He never over charges. He was true to his statement as we got 3 albums for $10. 2 were 8 a piece. Eagles and Beatles and then Jerry Clower. He talked about his kids, they don’t have no interest in the business. He has been selling vinyl for 25 years. The last 2 years he’s seen a huge increase. The demand is good. He left us with a good quote. “No matter your beliefs, everyone do their part and the nation and works will work

Down here, it’s more often than not, you never meet a stranger. Had a coworker ask me how I’m doing and they were appreciative of me being there. Now my hometown of Milford has a touch of southern charm, I mean we’ve met some of our favorite folks there, but it’s another level here.

The antique shops have some great stuff in there. Old gas tanks, coke machines, bottles, cars and phonographs. So much cool items! Especially the camera lamps. We will return for one of those. Too cool! There’s still more to explore nearby in Abingdon. Friday me and Jess get another day off together, so maybe antique browsing and bays mountain.

I am getting anxious to get out and shoot. Friday looks to be a good day for that! Maybe do a “People of Appalachian Mountains.” Some good people here. It’s refreshing.

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