Video Killed the Radio Star. .

Ya know. My grandmother once said, “you’ll be listening to country music again one day. Instead of that hip-hop mess.” 17 years later. Grandma. You are right.

One thing that draws me to Bristol is the music history. It’s the birth place of country music. 1927 was a historic year for it as many artists flocked to the town and recorded with Johnson-Victrola, at the time for orthophonic music.

I listen to Bristol Radio (WBCM – they have an app and website. Tune in sometime. You’ll hear Cotton Eye Joe before it turned techno) and man the joy I get foot stomping to that old country and Appalachian music makes my heart warm.

The saying goes, a lot of today’s music, especially mainstream isn’t what it use to be. That’s the darn truth. I’ve had the pleasure of discovering a wide variety of the music from the area before I moved here and now get to continue to discover more daily.

Now to get a Victrola. I can get one for a decent price down here at the antique shops.

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