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We are both big food fans. We love to go out and explore new eats.

We’ve tried Burger Bar & Macadoos along with Alfredo’s. One thing we don’t understand. A quality sub is hard to come by, though Macadoos does have great sandwiches. The Arena’s of South West Virginia.

Alfredo’s. Great cheesesteaks. Their Italian subs are less than desirable for this Delawarean. I come from the area of well known subs, such as Capriotties, Grog Shoppe, and Casapolas. We went to Alfredo’s, which had great service, and the Italian sub came out hot with only ham and salami. I don’t get it, but we’ll keep searching and obtaining leads.

Burger Bar is amazing. Such a great vibrant place, and the burgers are great. They are named after classic country songs. They have their “famous Ruben,” which I tried today. It’s solid. Not bad at all, but still can’t top Sheridans Irish Pub in Smyrna, DE or Rosenfeld’s Jewish Delicatessen in Ocean city. I give it a 3.75 out of 5 and a to be continued for the best Ruben down here.

I did get a craft beer from Macadoos. YeeHaw Brewing had a Stout. A solid Stout with bold flavor and only cost $3.45. I mean that’s $1.50 cheaper than a usual craft beer anywhere really. I had YeeHaw’s larger at Rythem and Roots, and it was subpar but it was served kinda warm. That could have been the reason as well.

Our food search continues.

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